CLUB 24 Vietnam

Establishment of CLUB24 in Vietnam

CLUB24 in Denmark were started several years ago when a number of sober alcoholics and clean drug addicts and their relatives - as well as people with a general interest in chemical dependency - decided to establish the association.

CLUB24 organizes lectures and other arrangements to support people in living a “good sober life”.

The meetings also serve as a forum for exchanging life experiences for the benefit of all.

As a natural consequence of the positive experiences in Denmark a CLUB24 has been established in Vietnam.

Such a forum does not exist anywhere in Vietnam, and we believe that CLUB24 will be good meeting place for clean addicts who have been through the first part of their treatment, and in particular for the families, children and relatives.

NGO Fontana has built separate facilities for CLUB24 as an extension to Binh Minh Centre-premises.

It is a separate house, though, with its own entrance directly from the street.

We know that this initiative is very much needed, and we are convinced that this Information Center will become a success.